Arctic landscape seen from the top of a snowy mountain with a frozen bay and more mountains in the background.

Zelig Consulting

Zelig is a boutique consulting firm focusing on Arctic, Leadership, and Change Management, built on the expertise and passion of its founding partners.

What we do

We offer consultancy services in leadership development, policy analysis and strategic planning, project management, communications and translation services to clients with an interest and desire to contribute to the future sustainable development of the Arctic and subarctic regions.

With a broad network of highly qualified experts from across the Arctic region we excel in leadership, political science and international relations, multilateral organizations and strategic planning.

Zelig is headquartered in Harstad, Norway and has deep ties in the Arctic, both personally and professionally.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide quality advice and products with purpose and vision to our clients, whether they are governments (state, regional, local), international organizations, academics or companies.

Arctic and Sustainability

The core of Zelig is rooted in the Arctic and we believe that what happens in this region has global importance and impact.

Under pressure from the accelerated impacts of climate change, now more than ever cooperation is necessary to move the knowledge created in the scientific realm into effective policy implemented to facilitate sustainable development and environmental protection.

Our Arctic team is led by Patti Bruns, who has 15 years of experience working in the Arctic, first with the Government of Canada and then with the Arctic Council. Patti has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the people that live and work in the North.

Care must also be taken to listen closely to the Indigenous knowledge and local knowledge held by Arctic inhabitants when making decisions about the future use and protection of the pristine Arctic.

Project Management

Strategic Planning

Science to Policy

Communications and Outreach

Leadership and Change Management

At Zelig we believe that leadership is everything when it comes to success.

From micro businesses to large scale enterprises leaders set the tone for both professional and personal development.

Our Leadership and Change Management team is led by Olav Strand, who with over 15 years of experience leading teams of all sizes, can help you affect positive change in your organization.

Organizational Reframing

Leadership Development